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Do you know how to judge if your babies are too hot or too cold ?

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It sometimes feels like a bit of a guessing game when it comes to creating the perfect environment for our babies to peacefully sleep. Are they too hot or too cold? Do they need more layers or less? If you’re a little overwhelemed by all the conflicting information and about how to make your baby as comfortable as possible over autumn and winter, here are some tips. 

A baby’s room should be between around 18°C give or take, it’s best to gauge this by feel.

To check your baby’s temperature, just put your hand on their chest, or back. This is the best way to feel if they are too hot or too cold, don’t use hands or feet as a guide. Often your baby’s feet or hands will actually feel cooler than their core temperature. It’s really important to dress your baby correctly to accommodate the temperature of their room while they’re sleeping. The reason we recommend using merino wool while sleeping is that no other fibre can replicate the thermal properties, it’s unparalleled ability to “breathe” means it helps regulate your child’s temperature. So use it without the risk of overheating. This helps give parents and care givers peace of mind. No need to use sheets or blankets which can disturb a child’s sleep when it wriggles free or gets tangled up. Your child will WAKE LESS inside the safety of the  “ASTON BABY bag”  but it can still kick and move around naturally. Simply add clothing layers when nessery for under the sleep bag for extra warmth if required. 

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