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Some tips for your baby’s safe sleep .

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Use a Moses basket or cot for the first 6 months. The safest place for your baby to sleep is in a separate cot or Moses basket in a room with you. It is recommended that they also take their naps in there day and night. Use a Baby Monitor to keep a check on your baby during nap times. Do not place a baby to sleep in an adult bed alone.

Make sure that you always put your baby to sleep on its back. If your baby rolls over after you have put him down, you should roll him back again. He can be left to find his own natural sleeping position when he is able to roll from back to front on his own. The occurrence of SIDS has dropped by more than 50% since the recommendation to place baby to sleep on his back was made in 1992.

Lay your baby to sleep ‘Feet to Foot’ in the cot and position them so that they are unable to wriggle down beneath the blankets.

A firm, flat, waterproof mattress is recommended for your baby and will help to ensure safe sleep.

Make a clear sleep space. For babies under 1 year old, objects such as a pillow should not be placed with them in the cot. It is a good idea to remove items such as any cot bumpers as soon as your child has learnt to roll.

Ensure to regulate the temperature of the room. It should be kept around 16-20°C / 61-68°F and ensure to place your cot away from any heat source, direct sunshine, lamps and radiators. You can purchase room thermometers to help you control the room temperature and keep your baby comfortable.

Use loose bedding and avoid excess coverings. Be sure not to cover your baby’s head or face whilst sleeping. Unnecessary items like toys, pillows and loose blankets should be removed.

Avoid smoking and secondary smoke during your pregnancy or around your baby after birth (even inside the home) is considered to put your child at risk of danger.

Understand the risks of co-sleeping. Co-sleeping in the same bed with your baby is a hotly contested subject. Studies have shown that a higher incidence of SIDS occurs in households where baby has slept in his parent’s bed. Your baby will be safest in its own cot and falling asleep with them in your bed carries its own risks. It is also especially important not to fall asleep with them on the sofa or armchair.

Breastfeeding can help and is believed to be a risk-reducing factor for cot death.

A dummy may reduce the risks. Certain research has found that giving your baby a dummy at night may help to reduce the risk of cot death, although the reasons why are somewhat unclear. If you are breastfeeding your baby, it is recommended that you do not offer a dummy for the first month or so.

Flat head syndrome. Babies are born with soft, pliable skulls, and when laid in the same position over time their heads can become flat. As baby continues to grow and develop, encourage him to play on his stomach and engage in tummy time, which will help to take pressure off the flattened areas. Also try to alternate the side of the cot/bassinet baby sleeps in. By doing so, you will be encouraging him to tilt his head in various directions and preventing flat spots from developing on the back of his head.

Getting bigger. Once your baby starts to pull himself up in his cot, mobiles and objects such as curtains, blind cords and wall hangings pose a safety risk and should be placed out of his reach.

A checklist for purchasing a new cot. Most new cots on the market comply with both mandatory and voluntary safety standards. 

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